Taking Control

USB-Relay is an online distributor for Intelligent-Appliance, an innovative high tech company specializing in solutions for interfacing Digital and Analog modules, USB Relays Controllers, Wireless and TCP/IP Servers, Industrial Redundant Communication Converters, and Motion Controller Drivers.

Intelligent Appliance has been performing research and product development for both public and private organizations in the fields of motion control, smart instrumentation, computational analytical software and technological assessment of control systems in various fields of the industrial world.

Since its establishment, the company has set out to develop cutting edge modular building blocks combining the most up-to-date knowledge with HMI features, thus enabling the user to define his or her own needs, to select and integrate the most appropriate building blocks for their control systems, and to integrate and run their systems successfully and smoothly.

Intelligent-Appliance’s vast experience in developing hardware, software and data processing techniques for intelligent control instruments places Intelligent Appliance in an optimal position to assist clients in designing and building dedicated systems.

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